Corey Brewer Fined for this Shameful, Shameful Flop (Video)

Corey Brewer

Flopping in the NBA has become more prevalent in the past decade or so, but it’s nice to see that the league is taking pains to curb it, even if those efforts are often inconsistent. In last Wednesday night’s Clippers-Rockets game, Lester Hudson of LA put his hands on Corey Brewer to achieve some separation, and Brewer used that as an excuse to flail wildly towards the baseline and to the ground.

It’s as dumb as it sounds. The league agreed and fined Brewer $5,000.

Here’s the clip. I think that Corey Brewer should have to have this accompany his introduction at every game for a year. That’s a fitting penalty.

Jeez. I think this is more detrimental to the standing of the league than fighting is. I’d rather see a bunch of competitive guys go at it than watch someone try to frame an opponent for a foul they didn’t commit. If this was any other profession, $5K would be sufficient, but not here.

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