Jon Stewart Puts Deflategate in Perspective, of Course (Video)

Jon Stewart

There are a few crusaders in the media (television, mostly) who will lift our collective heads up from whatever scandal we’re absorbed in, and slap us across the face. One of those guys is Jon Stewart, and one of those scandals is Deflategate. So it’s no surprise that he went on an eight-minute tear about the whole affair last night on The Daily Show.

Of course, he managed to stray a little bit and make fun of Rob Gronkowski, too, which is always welcome. The guy is a terrific walking punchline.

Here’s the video of the rant.

It starts off pretty funny with jabs at media outlets, and a very funny New York Times headline. I would suggest you just watch the video. It’s Friday. You’ve got five minutes to spare. Or eight, rather.

Also, if you thought you saw a lot of ball-related puns earlier, think again.  These ones will come at you fast and furious.

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