Korean Umpire Takes Foul Ball to the Nuts, Goes Down Like a Sack of Potatoes (Video + GIF)

korean umpire takes foul ball to the nuts 2

I don’t think I really need to set this one up. “Umpire takes foul ball to the nuts” pretty much says it all. The only thing I’ll add before getting to the video is that this horrendous incident occurred during a game on Wednesday between the Korean Baseball Organization’s SK Wyverns and the Lotte Giants.

Okay now, take a look:

Yep, that definitely hit him square in the nuts alright. I assume this poor bastard was wearing protective gear that saved him from permanent catastrophic testicle damage, but as we’ve seen with similar incidents in the past, protective gear only helps so much. This guy certainly looked like he was in agony as they carried him off on that stretcher.

But what’s that, internet? You want to watch the exact moment in which the ball hits the ump’s groin over and over again in slow-motion? Sure, no problem! Here’s a GIF:

RIP this guy’s nuts.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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