Will Ferrell Gets His Own Baseball Card from Topps (Pic)

Will Ferrell

I think Will Ferrell has done enough sports-related films that he can safely be called an honorary athlete. And if we can get a card of Nolan Ryan throwing a football, or Michael Jordan playing baseball, then we can get one of Will Ferrell pretending to be a baseball player.

That iron-clad logic aside, his presence on a Topps card does raise a couple more questions. Like, “Why?” or “Did he have to be a Diamondback?”

First of all,  slow down. All your questions will be answered. But probably not here, because we don’t have much besides this series of Tweets that show him playing for LOTS of teams during his marathon run through spring training a couple months back.

Here they are:

Then there’s the back, which shows how he fared with all the teams he suited up for:

Killers stats, man!

Hat Tip – [Cut4]

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