Albany Goalie Goes Coast-to-Coast for Impressive Lax Goal (Video)

Albany goalie

College lacrosse doesn’t really pop up on the radar of most sports fans, but even non-fans can appreciate some of the highlights that these kids create. Take this Albany goalie, a kid by the name of Blaze Riordan, for example. He goes the distance to score a solo goal, despite being up 13-7 against┬áCornell. I guess this kid just wanted it.

Here’s the footage. I’m guessing he was a little out of breath after this play, but that won’t stop a kid named Blaze, now will it?

Despite being down 2-0 in the early minutes, Albany took the game 19-10 in their opening contest of the 2015 NCAA Tournament. At one point, the team scored 11 straight goals, including this gem from the Albany goalie.

For those keeping track at home, Albany’s nickname is the Great Danes, which is a pretty terrific mascot/team name. And they’ve got a goalie named Blaze. ┬áSo it’s pretty clear who I’ll be rooting for going forward.

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