Derrick Rose Nails Hail Mary 3 To Give Bulls the Win (Video)

Derrick Rose game-winning three vs. Heat

So far the second round of the NBA Playoffs have been a pretty exciting lot of games, with Chicago-Cleveland serving as the highest-profile series. Game three was another barnburner as the score was tied at 96 when Derrick Rose jacked up an ill-advised, but on-the-mont three pointer at the buzzer that careened off the backboard to give the Bulls the win.

Here’s the video. Chicago fans have to be happy about this!

It’s safe so say that even though Derrick Rose has only been back for a month or so, he’s returned to his form. I know that is cause for a lot of Chicago fans to celebrate, given the rollercoaster ride he’s put them through with his injury issues.

Game four takes place today, Sunday, and has all the elements of another showdown. In a round full of great series, this one might be the most exciting. Let’s see if Lebron and Co. have an answer to D-Rose’s theatrics.

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