Pirates Get the First 4-5-4 Triple Play in MLB History (Video)

4-5-4 triple play

It’s almost impossible to believe, with the tens, if not hundreds of thousands of baseball games that have been played, that Major League baseball has never seen a 4-5-4 triple play. For those keeping score at home, that’s a second baseman, throwing to the third baseman, back to the second baseman.

It might be a little too much to consider, so maybe this video will clear things up:

A Yadier Molina line drive was caught by the Pirates’ Neil Walker, who threw to Jung Ho Kang at third, getting the out on a runner who failed to tag up. Kang then threw back to Walker, who did the same thing at second.

All in all, it doesn’t feel or sound like a historic affair, but the record books say otherwise. We’re all part of history, folks. Even if it is a little esoteric and weird.

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