Corey Brewer Gets Nothing But Rim on His Dunk Attempt (Video)

Corey Brewer rejected by rim

While the Clippers-Rockets series was shaping up to be a good one at 2-1 in favor of the Clippers, it looks like a hard dose of reality set in for the Rockets last night as they lost to Los Angeles by 33 points, 128-95. If you’re looking for a metaphor for last night’s outing, look no further than this Corey Brewer dunk—or should we say, ‘dunk attempt.’

Corey Brewer took the ball to the hole with some respectable strength and quickness. But then the play gets stopped in its tracks by Brewer’s inability to get over the damn rim. He gets totally denied, and it was pretty exciting for all the Clippers fans in attendance at the Staples Center.

Here’s the video:

The game turned pretty insane with Houston’s intentional fouling of the Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan, which didn’t prove to be effective at all in winning, but very effective in making the game borderline unwatchable. Sort of like that Corey Brewer dunk.

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