The Bulls May Have Lost, But Derrick Rose’s Son Was the Star of the Post-Game Press Conference (Pics)

derrick rose's son game 4 press conference

The Chicago Bulls lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday thanks to that little LeBron James buzzer beater. Thus, you might assume that LeBron was the star of the post-game press conference. But he wasn’t. The star of the post-game press conference was Derrick Rose’s son, lil’ PJ Rose, who is now a meme because he is cool as hell.

Of course, players usually only bring their kids to press conferences after wins, when everybody is happy and you’re not going to get many hard questions. But I guess D-Rose figured his kid is so cute and makes such hilarious faces, he’d distract Bulls fans from the gut-wrenching loss they’d just witnessed.

It certainly distracted everyone else. The internet went nuts over his mean mug:

Keep up the good work, PJ. The entire city of Chicago is counting on you. And your dad’s knees.

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