These Babies Dressed as WWE Stars Will Kick Your Ass (Video)

babies dressed as wwe stars

For no reason at all, we bring you this awesome clip of babies dressed as WWE stars. It’s every bit as terrific as you would hope. The WWE seems to have put this video together, and while some of the babies are a little hard to read, some of the costumes are spot-on. I’m a Mick Foley fan, myself.

Here’s the video. Pick a favorite if you can manage to find one, but know it will never top this:

The John Cena one is kind of a crybaby. Just like in real-life. I could totally take him. The baby that is. I meant ABSOLUTELY NO DISRESPECT to the actual John Cena.

Of course, they don’t actually get the babies to wrestle, which is a bit of a buzzkill. ┬áBut maybe they can do a reunion in like 15 years and have them all beat the hell out of each other.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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