Check Out the Customized Obama Jordans Nike Gave the President When He Visited Oregon Last Week (Pic)

president obama jordans

Last week President Obama visited Nike corporate headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, to make a speech in defense of his proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership. The partnership would make it easier for corporations like Nike to move manufacturing operations overseas. And Nike claims that if they save money by moving manufacturing jobs overseas, they’ll turn around and create better, higher-paying jobs over here. So in theory it would mean a net gain for the USA, which is apparently why Obama is all for it.

Skeptical? Yeah, you probably should be. But who cares about political economy? Let’s talk sneakers!

You see, to commemorate Obama’s visit to Nike headquarters, the company gave the President a special pair of customized Jordan 11lab4, which adds “the iconic patent leather from the Air Jordan XI to the timeless Air Jordan IV for sleek black on black.”

How were they customized? Nike replaced the Air Jordan logo on the tongue with the Presidential Seal, making them the first and only existing pair of Obama Jordans.

It seems the folks at Nike construe the term “kickback” very literally.

You nerds can read more about the Trans-Pacific Partnership here. Hat Tip to Bleacher Report for the heads up about the Presidential kicks.

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