Mexican Soccer Fan Runs Onto Field and Attacks Referee…Like You Do (Videos)

mexican soccer fan attacks referee

On Saturday night, a Mexican soccer fan ran onto the field toward the end of the Liga MX match between Santos and Puebla and attacked the referee.

Why? It’s not entirely clear. The game was tied 2-2, so even if the ref blew a few calls, they weren’t going to screw anybody too badly. I guess we just have to go ahead and assume the fan was drunk, high, or mentally unstable. Or maybe all of the above. Who knows?

The point here is that it happened. And luckily for the referee, a security guard was there to intercept the guy and prevent him from doing any serious damage.

Take a look:

Free idea for FIFA: put pepper spray in those little spray cans they use to mark the location of free kicks. Great for self defense when crazed fans run onto the field, or when the entire game just suddenly turns into an all-out race riot and you just need to start taking people out.

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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