‘Price is Right’ Contestant Gives Shout-Out to LeBron James (Video)

'Price is Right' Contestant LeBron James Shout Out

Just a few years ago, Ohio residents couldn’t even think of the name “LeBron James” without having a nasty, cringe-worthy feeling flow through their body.

Now, having made his return to Cleveland last summer (after leaving them for Miami in 2010), LeBron is once again royalty in the state of Ohio. Heck, the Cavs’ star is even receiving shout-outs from contestants on ‘The Price is Right.’

Not surprisingly, for every ‘Price is Right’ contestant that wants to give a shout-out to LeBron, there’s one who has no clue who the heck LeBron James is.

Confused?  Just watch what happened during Monday’s episode of the popular gameshow:

I wonder if LeBron was watching? He seems like a “Price is Right” kind of guy.

Hat Tip – [TMZ Sports]

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