Fan Tries to Join Cycling Race, Ends Up Causing Giant Crash (Video)

cycling race

Non-cycling-fans might not be familiar with the Giro d’Italia, but it’s regarded as the second-biggest race of the year, behind the Tour de France. Only the elite get to give it a go. But that didn’t stop one idiotic fan from trying to roll right in with his own bike to become part of the action in this cycling race. 

A peloton was moving past him when he joined. Obviously, he wasn’t able to keep up, and he ended up disrupting the whole pack, causing a huge wreck among the cyclists.

Here’s a clip that shows you what went down:

I’ll admit, it’s a little hard to see what went down, but we’ve got a slightly NSFW clip that helps explain that, too:

The guy rolled into the cycling race with no helmet and a fixed gear bike from a dead stop. You could tell from the motorcycles/mopeds how quickly those other bikes were moving. There’s no way an incident could have been avoided once he made his decision.

Hopefully, this guy’s going to jail and the riders are all okay.

Hat Tip – [Metro via Bleacher Report]

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