The 23 Greatest NBA Playoff Buzzer-Beaters of All Time

nba playoff buzzer-beaters

Ask any NBA fan and they’ll tell you few things in life are more exciting than playoff buzzer-beaters. Clutch shots under enormous pressure on the game’s biggest stage? What more could you possibly want?

Of course, not all playoff buzzer-beaters are created equal. Sometimes the defense blows it and your guy gets wide open for an easy trey. And sometimes your guy beats the buzzer a little to quickly, giving the other team one last shot of their own.

Meanwhile, the best playoff buzzer-beaters are the ones that come right as time is running out and leave you jumping up and down in a state of utter disbelief. And those are the one’s we’re going to celebrate today with this list of the 23 greatest playoff buzzer-beaters in NBA history. If they don’t get you pumped up for the playoffs, nothing will.


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