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These LEGO Jordans Look Like a Disaster Waiting to Happen (Pics)

by: Penn Collins On  Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Tags:  Jordans   Lego   NIKE   Shoes   Tom Yoo  

Lego jordans

If you thought sneakerheads freak out when you step on the top of their shoe, just wait until they accidentally kick the curb and are forced to pick up thousands of shards of their shoes. Ok, so that actually sounds pretty funny. And it’s a realistic issue too, should these concept LEGO Jordans ever get put into production by Nike.

The shoes, dubbed “Concord” by the creator, are only rendered at this point.  They’re based on the Air Jordan XIs and the man behind the work is Tom Yoo. It’s unclear if the shoes would be made from LEGOs (as it looks they are) or if they would just mirror that aesthetic with leather. One sounds impractical from a functional standpoint, and one sounds very impractical from a cost standpoint.

But they are pretty fun to look at! Here are a couple more images:

air-jordan-11-concord-lego-3 air-jordan-11-concord-lego-2

Eh, maybe they should be saved for the next LEGO movie.

Hat Tip – [SneakerNews]