RIP Harrison Barnes’ Groin, 1992-2015 (Videos)

harrison barnes' groin harrison barnes splits

If you heard a weird noise last night around 11:30 ET, that was the sound of hundreds of thousands of men around the country yelling in agony as they watched Harrison Barnes’ groin get annihilated on live television.

Late in the first half of Game 5 between the Warriors and Grizzlies, Golden State’s third-year forward was guarding Memphis’ Courtney Lee as he drove to the basket when Lee suddenly slammed on the breaks. So Barnes slammed on the breaks too. Only his right foot did not stop, and Barnes inadvertently went into full splits.

Take a look:

The reaction on Twitter? Exactly what you’d expect:

Amazingly, though, Barnes stayed in the game:

And so now he has a new nickname:

All hail Jean-Claude Van Barnes and his Groin of Steel.

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