Check Out the Terrifying Helmet Cam Footage of the Helio Castroneves Crash (Video)

helio castroneves crash

Helio Castroneves has won the Indianapolis 500 three times, putting him among the 10 greatest drivers in the race’s 104-year history. However, while taking his practice runs at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Wednesday, Castroneves demonstrated that, in auto racing, not even the all-time greats are immune to death-defying crashes.

While coming around a turn, Castroneves suddenly lost control of his car, spun out, and then flipped upside down before eventually landing right-side up again.

Incredibly, Castroneves was able to walk away from the whole thing unharmed. And now, because every race car in the world has dash cams and helmet cams recording everything that goes on in pristine HD, we get to experience the Helio Castroneves crash like we were right there in the car with him…which would have been a tight squeeze since the cockpits are really only designed for one.

Take a look:

So what’s next for Helio after this scary incident? He’s getting right back to work, of course.

Here’s his official statement, via WRTV’s Dave Furst:

Why did I not become a race car driver again?

Oh, right.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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