Keith Olbermann Offers Sound Advice in “Open Letter to Tom Brady” (Video)

keith olbermann open letter to tom brady

When the Wells Report came out implicating Tom Brady in the Deflategate scandal, like all athletes caught in major scandals, the legendary Patriots quarterback had two choices: come clean and admit to breaking the rules in an effort to look like you’re a man of integrity, or double down on the denial and hope everybody believes you when you say that it’s all a big witch hunt.

I, for one, think Brady should have gone with Option A. Option B rarely works for anyone (see Armstrong, Lance), while Option A usually affords people a chance at redemption (see Pettitte, Andy).

ESPN’s Keith Olbermann agrees with me. In a segment he called  “An Open Letter to Tom Brady” on last night’s episode of his eponymous show, the blowhard advised the embattled superstar to fire his agent for giving him terrible advice, drop the appeal, come clean, beg for forgiveness, and accept his punishment.

Take a look:

Of course, at this point there’s no way for Brady to come out of all this completely unscathed. If he had owned up to deflating his balls right from the start he could have taken a slap on the wrist and everyone would have moved on. But instead he lied about it, turning Deflategate into a much bigger deal than it needs to be. And in that sense, it’s too late to come clean.

That said, owning up to Deflategate now would probably still be better than going on with this “I didn’t do it charade.” Because, seriously, it’s not like anybody actually believes he didn’t do it.


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