Mike Trout Put on a Defensive Show in Extra Innings Last Night (GIFs)

Mike Trout

We spoke of Mike Trout about a week ago after his killer game-winning catch. In case you were wondering, it’s not looking like that was a fluke. Last night, tied with the Rockies 1-1, the Angels went into extra innings, and Mike Trout did a pretty good job of singlehandedly stopping Colorado from drawing blood.

First off, he nonchalantly robbed Troy Tulowitzki of a homer in center field. We’ve got a fun little GIF of that. I’m sure it was harder than it looked:

Mike Trout

Easy enough, right?

Then, on another play, he rifled an assist from the outfield to catch Carlos Gonzalez at the plate:

Albert Pujols later dropped a sacrifice fly to give the Angels the win. But we really can’t mention the name MIKE TROUT enough and how integral he was in this victory. This guy is proving to be about as clutch as any non-pitcher can be.

Here’s a vide of both plays, in case you’re not a gif kind of person:

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