Boca Juniors Fans Pepper Spray River Plate Players in Game (Video)

Boca Juniors River Plate - Pepper Spray

A day after we showed footage of a not-so-smooth Boca Juniors fan stealing a laptop from a press conference, we’ve now got a much more sinister act caught on tape. Supporters of Boca Juniors, during the team’s match against rival River Plate—dubbed the Super Classico—went ahead and pepper sprayed the visiting team, forcing the game to be suspended.

Pretty twisted, right?

River Plate was up in the match 1-0 when it was postponed. No word on what will happen to Boca Junior as punishment, but it will probably be minimal.

Here’s an overview of the aftermath:

And here’s some pretty damning footage of Boca Juniors fans opening up the fence protecting the players as they walked out to start the second half:

It’s really hard to find a positive spin here, other than the fact that North American sports fans, despite their terrible behavior, look like altar boys when compared to South American soccer fans. Maybe soccer teams can just start playing in empty stadiums, Orioles-style.

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