Brazilian Girls Play Twister, Which We’re Gonna Call a Sport (Video)

Brazilian girls Twister

We at TPS are constantly criticized by our significant constituency of South American Twister enthusiasts for our lack of coverage of the sport. We’re here to say that we acknowledge the oversight and are doing everything we can to fix it. We decided to show some Brazilian girls playing the sport this time, but next time, in the interest of equality, we’ll be sure to post a video of men playing. That one should come sometime in 2018.

Here’s the unfortunately SFW video. We’ll offer our strategic commentary and critique afterwards:

Ok. We have no commentary or analysis. Those girls are hot and they’re touching each other. And that might not technically be a “sport,” but it’s definitely something better.

Tune in next week when our coverage will be exclusively Deflategate reactions and clips of soft-core pornography from pay cable stations.

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