Edelman Weighs in on Deflategate While Driving a Porsche (Video)


If you’re going to offer an opinion on something, it’s always better to do it while driving a Porsche convertible.

For instance, if the presidential debate could take place with one candidate at a podium, and the other circling him slowly in a Carrera convertible (or even a Targa!), the candidate in the car wins by a landslide, Even if it’s like Ross Perot or Dennis Kucinich.

In this case, some non-journalists found Julian Edelman driving down a highway in his Porsche when they asked him to weigh in on Brady’s suspension. He offered up the popular opinion, “It’s f*ckin’ bullsh*t.” (I’m taking their word for it. I can’t make out a damn thing.)

Here’s the clip. Everything about it is pretty great. And it’s nice to know that Julian Edelman is doing okay for himself, you know, financially:

Eyes on the road, Edelman.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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