Gronk Has Some Really Bad Tips For Tinder Users (Video)

tinder users

Asking Rob Gronkowski to give some advice to Tinder users is like asking Paris Hilton for tips on how to save money or set a budget. Gronkowski doesn’t seem like a guy who’s very reliant on dating apps. I just assume he says “Yo Soy Fiesta” three times, and three strippers just appear around him. Nonetheless, he and his teammates were Tinder users, just for laughs, and he’s got some advice to share with the world.

Don’t take this advice.

Here’s the video. Note the diminutive man interviewing him listening to this advice like he’s Moses on Mt. Sinai. I would only really take advice from Gronk on nightclub recommendations and stripper pole structural requirements, but to each their own:

“Don’t be picky. Take what you can get.”

Ok. I’m paraphrasing, but that one’s actually terrific advice.

And at least it’s not about f*cking deflated footballs.

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