Miguel Angel Jimenez Aces a Hole, Gets a Ton of Free Beer (Video)

Miguel Angel Jimenez

Why is it that the people least in need get the most awesome free stuff? (That was a rhetorical question. We all know why. Because they’re famous.) However, we can still hold out hope that Miguel Angel Jimenez will take the spoils of his most recent hole-in-one and give them to a worthwhile, thirsty cause.

At the Open de Espana, Miguel Angel Jimenez knocked down another hole in one on a par 3, and because of some sponsorship thing, he got 288 bottles of beer. Which actually is like, what, $250? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I’m sure the beer wasn’t the motivating factor in his attempt, but it’s a nice little perk. And it almost certainly was the inspriation for this little dance he pulled:

It’s nice to know that the stereotype about white men not being able to dance extends to passionate Spaniards as well. I’m sure he’ll become less inhibited after he drinks those 228 beers this weekend.

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