This Padres Groundskeeper Can Dance Like a Machine (GIF)

Padres groundskeeper

It doesn’t rain often in southern California, so people go a little crazy when it does. Most of the time, they just drive like wild animals or flake out on any social plans that night, but this Padres groundskeeper used the rain delay as an opportunity to show a captive Petco Field audience his dance moves.

I could show you the video, but this GIF really trims the fat nicely to give you the meaty, meaty dance moves that only a guy in a polo shirt and khaki shorts can perform:

DUDE! You’re a groundskeeper and IT’S RAINING! This is literally like the only time the team actually needs you to work. Meanwhile, you’ve got a dude in rain gear sweeping water with a broom! They’re literally lost without your leadership. Stop dancing and get to work!…

Ok. Keep dancing for a little bit. It’s pretty great.

And if you still wanted to see the whole video, here it is:

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