The 9 Best Storylines of the 2015 NBA Playoffs…So Far

2015 nba playoffs

It’s hard to believe that we’re not even halfway done with the 2015 NBA playoffs yet. We’ve seen enough action for two or three years’ worth up to this point, and I’m guessing as the stakes get raised and teams dwindle, we’ll get even more drama. I mean, we’ve still got eight teams left in the mix, with most series fairly even up to this point. Once that falls to four, we’ll get the real stories going as focus shifts to stars and unknowns playing under the microscope of NBA fans across the world.

So parsing out the plotlines so far can be pretty arbitrary, and some of these could disappear entirely in the next week. But we choose to live in the moment, so let s take a look at where we are right now, occasionally glancing back on the first round, and determine the 9 best storylines of the 2015 NBA playoffs up until now.

(And yes, I realize that all these points are phrased as questions, but within those questions lies the story of a player or team up until that point. It’s just an easier way to convey the issue, in my opinion, than simply saying “LeBron’s Pressure.”)


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