This Ed Carpenter Indy 500 Practice Crash Is Pretty Terrifying (Video)

Indy 500 practice crash

Though the main event is still a week away, there’s already drama on the track as Ed Carpenter experienced an Indy 500 practice crash that reminds us just how dangerous things can get. And that’s with no one else even on the oval. Taking a few laps, Ed Carpenter just spun out in turn 2, and ended up in the wall, then in the air, then upside down, then back on the ground in a heap, shooting sparks as his car dragged on the track.

Fortunately, the safety mechanisms worked exactly as they should, and the driver walked away from this Indy 500 practice crash just as if nothing had happened. Take a look at this clip:

Helio Castroneves and Josef Newgarden both also crashed this week, leading many, including Carpenter, to believe something is awry in the Hoosier state. He says in this vague statement:

I definitely believe that there’s an issue going on that we clearly didn’t have in the past. Hopefully the series will be smart and react sooner rather than later so we don’t have to keep seeing things happen like this.

That doesn’t exactly help them diagnose the problem, but his opinion still counts for a lot. Maybe they should take the Astroglide ravine out of turn 1. It seems to create more problems than it solves.

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