Craig Sager Breaks from Chemo to Attend Rockets-Clippers Game 7 (Video)

Craig Sager

As most NBA and TNT fans know, Craig Sager hasn’t been on the NBA’s sidelines for the past year or so because he’s been battling leukemia. He’s been getting regular chemotherapy treatments at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, so when there was a game 7 back in town, it wasn’t a HUGE surprise to see Craig Sager at the game, even if he wasn’t gracing out televisions with his presence.

He was sitting in the second row, and while he wasn’t giving his courtside spiel, he was involved in the game, and, by all accounts, lookin’ pretty good.

And here’s a Tweet explaining his attendance:

I would say it’s a pretty good sign that Mr. Sager is able to not only attend a game, but do so in good enough health to make it public. Millions of NBA fans wish him a safe recovery, and hopefully this is just one more stop on that path.

No word on his recovery timeline, though he was scheduled for another chemo session after the appearance. Let’s get him healthy and back on TV where he belongs.

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