James Harden Celebrates Win by Tossing Shoes into Stands (Video)

James Harden

The Houston Rockets went the distance with the LA Clippers, and despite having a number of gaps in their play, were able to decisively take the seventh game. A big reason for that was utility big man James Harden, who proved to excel in every aspect of the game during this series.

You can add celebrating to the list of things he excels at. After the game, Harden took his shoes and tossed them into the stands. Yup. It was as dangerous as it sounds. Those things aren’t small. He launched one into the crowd, which you can see in this Tweet:

Then he was a little more gentlemanly with the other, signing it and handing it to a fan. Here’s the clip of that kind act:

I really thought that other kid was gonna get it. Oh well. He can bid for it on eBay like everyone else.

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