During Red Sox Game, Mariners Fans Chant ‘Brady Cheated’ (Video)

Mariners fans

Oh, burn!

I’ve never understood using one sport’s platform to knock a team from another sport. And whenever it happens, Boston seems to be involved. For instance, at the Patriots Super Bowl parade, the fans would start cheering “Yankees suck.” Those Yankees must really get under your skin if that’s on your mind at a Super Bowl parade, guys.

Last night, the Red Sox played the Mariners in Seattle, and there’s no love lost between these two cities after the Super Bowl. So the Mariners fans broke out their very own “Brady cheated” chant.


Seattle won 5-0, but I’m sure the big victory for Mariners fans was calling out a different sport’s player to no one in particular for slightly deflating footballs.

Big mental win for them.

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