A Mets Fan Kept Grabbing His Girlfriend’s Boobs (Video)

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Baseball can be pretty boring at times, so it’s nice to have another activity to distract you during those lulls. Some people keep score, some do crossword puzzles, but for many, a nice, squeezable pair of boobs will make the hours just fly by.

At the Mets game yesterday, this guy wouldn’t stop squeezing his girlfriends’ rack. At least, everyone seems to think it was his girlfriend. Without context, this could just be some unlucky victim who was seated next to him. In which case, throw him in jail.

It would be fun to put some context to this weird act. Like, she wanted to break up with him in a public place, but it just didn’t take, so he kept reaching out for the one thing he wanted most—boobs.

That’s just my take. Feel free to put your own fun spin on this guy feeling up a girl in the most public of settings.

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