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Phillies Fan Rips Home Run Ball from a Lady’s Hands (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Monday, May 18, 2015

home run ball

There are few things on this earth more upsetting to me than watching one fan steal a souvenir from its rightful owner. It happened with a Bengals-Saints football, and this time it happened with a home run ball at a Phillies game.

Maikel Franco got his first home run ever, which was recovered from the flowers by a female fan. However, a guy quickly ran up and pulled the home run ball from her hands. Jerk.

He’s just the worst. I don’t even have a clever response. I hope he has season tickets to those crappy seats and the club takes them away.

Here’s the video. It’s disturbing on an emotional level, if only because it highlights the terrible, terrible injustice of the world:

Someone could point out that this kind of behavior is reflective of Philly sports fans in general, but that person isn’t going to be me.