Someone Turned a Scene from ‘Bloodsport’ into a Mentos Ad (Video)

Someone Turned a Scene from 'Bloodsport' into a Mentos Ad

If it’s been more than six months since you last thought about the awesome Jean-Claude Van Damme martial arts film Bloodsport, then it’s been too long. So let’s fix that with this re-imagining of the chase scene between Frank Dux and the American agents out to get him.

The whole thing reads kind of goofy and slapstick-y, which is why it’s perfect for the Mentos treatment.

And honestly, they didn’t do much to change the content. Or anything. They just dropped that goofy Mentos song over the video, then threw up the Mentos graphic at the end. But you know what? It works.

See for yourself right here:

Oh, Jean-Claude! You’re too much!

I can’t believe that the black agent chasing him is Forest Whitaker. That’s a pretty humble beginning. The other agent was a dude named Norman Burton, who was a graduate of the Actor’s Studio. This film must have been quite a departure for him. I wonder if that training taught him how to fall out of a boat.

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