Hot Royals Fan Gives Boy Her Foul Ball, Then Wants It Back (Video)

Royals fan

It’s been a bad week for fans and souvenir balls. First, we had this in Philly, and now we’ve got an equally gross thing happening in Kansas City.

As the sportscaster put it, an “attractive young lady” (also gross) barehands a foul ball, robbing two little kids next to her, then tosses it to another little kid. Ok. You kind of screwed over those first two kids, attractive girl, but I guess things evened out when she gave it to another little kid.

But then they got un-even again when the Royals fan asked for her ball back. Actually, I think her mouth says “give me my ball back.”

Here’s the video of the attractive girl doing unattractive things:

I hope the little boy burned that ball before giving it back to her. She seems like the worst.

Hat Tip – [BroBible]

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