Jason Kidd Showed Up to a Birthday Party 14 Years Late (Pic)

Jason Kidd

Dude, you’re supposed to call if you’re going to be more than an HOUR late. It’s just good manners. However, the phrase “better late than never” rings true here, as Jason Kidd made good on a birthday invite he received more than 14 years ago.

In 2001, a ten year-old kid named Daniel Marks invited Jason Kidd to his birthday party. Jason, being the busy point guard that he was, didn’t show. Everyone got on with their lives.

For Daniel Marks, getting on with his life¬†included becoming a basketball database manager for the Milwaukee Bucks, the team that Jason Kidd coaches. Jason Kidd caught wind of the story, and showed up to the “party” 14 years later.

I think it’s only¬†fair that if Jason Kidd is going to attend the party, that Daniel Marks has to wear the same clothes that he did when he was ten. In the interest of consistency.

Here’s an Instagram of the exchange. It’s as charming as it is awkward.

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