Astros Pitcher Lance McCullers Makes Major League Debut Wearing Amazing Batman Cleats (Pics)

lance mccullers batman cleats

On Monday night, 21-year-old Astros pitching prospect Lance McCullers made his Major League debut.

Under normal circumstances that wouldn’t be big news. Yes, scouts consider McCullers the Astro’s 10th-best prospect. Yes, he was making the jump from double-A ball. And yes, he did pretty well over 4 2/3 innings, giving up three hits and three runs, striking out five, and allowing one earned run. But he’s no Matt Harvey or anything.

So what made the big league debut of McCullers so special that we’re writing about it here? Oh, just his amazing Batman cleats, which were all the rage on Twitter.

Take a look:

While McCullers may not be Matt Harvey, he does have some sweet kicks that would make the so-called Dark Knight jealous.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if McCullers’ Batman cleats left The Dark Knight quoting The Joker…

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