Here’s the Andrew Shaw Header Goal Set to Commentary by Soccer Announcer Ray Hudson (Video)

andrew shaw header goal

You heard about the Andrew Shaw header goal, right? How, in the second overtime of Game 2 between the Blackhawks and Ducks, the Chicago forward used his head to whack a fluttering puck into the net, just like a soccer player?

Of course you heard about it! It was awesome! It was illegal according to NHL Rule 38.4, which says you can’t bat the puck in with any part of your body, so it was rightfully disallowed. But it was awesome. And now some brilliant human has set video of the Andrew Shaw header goal to audio from batsh*t insane soccer commentator Ray Hudson.

Now, if you don’t know who Ray Hudson is, that’s fine. But please, click here and take a moment to familiarize yourself with his “exuberant” style before proceeding to the video below.

So, got the idea? Okay then, get a load of this:

That’s right. “This is not just a dream, it’s a wet dream of orgasmic proportions.”

My goodness.

Hat Tip – [@GoldAndOrSmith]

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