Man Dies After Setting His Parachute on Fire for a BASE Jump (Video)

BASE jump death - parachute on fire

This is a weird one: A 73 year-old BASE jumper in Twin Falls, Idaho, fell to his death as he lit his parachute on fire as part of a jump. You…you shouldn’t do that.

James Hickey’s BASE jump plan was to have one parachute on fire as he fell, then release another, non-blazing one as he fell that would allow him to fall to safety. Unfortunately, the second parachute failed to open in time, sending him flying into a river. He died of blunt force trauma immediately.

Here’s a YouTube video of the stunt gone awry. It’s not graphic, but it may still be a little disturbing knowing the outcome.

I don’t know what it is about the fact that he’s 73 that keeps haunting me, but I keep recalling that fact. How does a 73 year-old who does stuff like this live to 73?

Careful when you BASE jump, folks. And don’t set yourself on fire when you do it. I feel like that shouldn’t have to be said.

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