Oracle Arena Looks Like It Was Pretty Loud Last Night (Pic)

Oracle Arena

It’s no secret among NBA fans, players, and coaches that Oracle Arena is a very loud place to play basketball. It’s likely a testament to both the enthusiasm of the fans and the design of the place. But last night, it’s safe to say that the fans were taking things to another level as the Warriors squared off against the Rocket in Game One of the Western Conference Finals.

One dad knew what was up ahead of time and got his kid some ear protection. I would say the ear muffs match the Curry jersey pretty nicely.

Hopefully the adults don’t start wearing ear protection too. Imagine how loud the crowd would get if they were all wearing ear muffs. Then the players would need to wear them. Then it would get silent, which would be creepy.

Anyway, the noise worked out pretty well for the Warriors faithful as they survived a nail-biter to win by four. Expect even more noise tomorrow for Game 2.

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