Pedro Alvarez Knocks a Home Run into a Boat (Video)

pedro Alvarez

If you go to San Francisco to AT&T Park, things are sort of set up so that you hit a home run into the water. Not so at PNC Park at Pittsburgh. If you reach the water there, you defied expectations. In fact, only two people had reached the Alleghany River on the fly in the history of the stadium before last night. Today, that number is three after Pedro Alvarez knocked a homer out of the park and into a boat.

It didn’t help the Pirates win (They lost to the Twins 8-5), but it at least gave the fans something to talk about.

Here’s the clip:

I like the announcer’s comment, “Call the River Patrol. We got a floater!” It reminds me of The Wire, though the announcer probably wasn’t trying to conjure up images of dead hookers with his comment. Probably.

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