Female Hawks Fan Bawls Her Eyes Out Upon Meeting Shaquille O’Neal (Video)

Female Hawks Fan Bawls Her Eyes Out Upon Meeting Shaquille O'Neal

NBA legend and current Inside the NBA “analyst” Shaquille O’Neal had a rather unexpected encounter with a female Hawks fan during Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Wednesday night. While taking time to say hello to some fans during a commercial break for the TNT broadcast, Shaq posed for a selfie with a young (attractive) woman in a Kyle Korver Hawks t-shirt. And it turned out that she was a much bigger fan of the Big Aristotle than anybody expected, because just meeting him brought the young woman to tears.

But wait, that’s not all. As Shaq snapped the selfie, he gave the young woman a kiss on the cheek, at which point she absolutely bawled her eyes out.

Like, I’m talking full-on, uncontrollable sobbing.

Of course, Inside the NBA ran the clip after coming back from commercial break, and Shaq had to sort of ruin the sweet, innocent moment with a slightly pervy comment about being a sex symbol. But all in all it was still pretty amusing.

Take a look:

Hopefully this Hawks fan doesn’t feel embarrassed about all this. There are a ton of young women out there who cry hysterically over d-bags like Justin Bieber. At least she cried about meeting someone who was extremely talented.

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