Here’s the Last Possession of the 15 Most Recent NBA Finals (Video)

NBA Finals final possession

I didn’t think a video chronicling the last possessions of the last 15 NBA Finals would be that interesting. But that’s before I saw David Robinson in the first 30 seconds. This video, made by YouTuber/NBA fan Rainbow Senpai, reminds us what the best about the NBA Playoffs is. Sure, they’re long and sometimes imbalanced, but they lead to 15 moments like this, which is pretty cool.

Most of them weren’t Game 7 buzzer beaters, but they were still pretty great.

Take a look:

Which last possession stands out as the best? I’m sure fans of winning teams will argue that THEIRS is the best, and fans of the NBA might just pick the closest Game 7s, but you have to admit there’s something electric about going back 15 years to see the clock wind down, leaving just one team standing.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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