Peyton Manning Appears on Final David Letterman Top 10 List (Video)

Peyton Manning - David Letterman Top 10 List

Last night marked the final episode in the 22-years history of the Late Show With David Letterman. And with it came the final edition of his patented Top 10 lists.

For his last list, Letterman enlisted the services of 10 popular celebrities to tell us the top then things they’ve always wanted to say to Dave. ┬áThere was Chris Rock, Bill Murray, Jim Carrey, and Jerry Seinfeld, among others. And to read the No. 3 response on his list, the 68-year-old late night television host called upon┬ánone other than Peyton Manning.

Wondering what the Denver Broncos quarterback has always wanted to say to David Letterman? You can find out by watching the Vine below:

And for those who’d like to see the last ever David Letterman Top 10 list in its entirety, you can do so below:

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