Shaq and Ernie Johnson Get Passionate on the Kiss Cam (Video)

Shaq and Ernie Johnson

Going into halftime of the Hawks-Cavs game last night, the Kiss Cam made the rounds, and it set its sights squarely on Shaq and Ernie Johnson. It was glorious, romantic, and manly, all at the same time.

Actually, it just looked like Shaq was eating Ernie Johnson. It’s a little hard to see past his huge frame to EJ in this video. But I think you’ll be able to make out the erotic intent just fine:

Ernie’s just surveying the crowd, enjoying some time out of the TNT studios, when Shaq just manhandles him for a kiss. It’s terrific.

I’m not up on my labor laws, but this might be sexual harassment. I think Ernie could file a very compelling claim if he was so inclined. So Shaq better be REALLY nice to him from now on.

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