Top 10 Letterman Top 10s Read by Athletes

jameis winston letterman top 10s read by athletes

The Letterman Top 10 is one of the most iconic bits in the history of television. And over the last 33 years, a number of famous (and not-so-famous) athletes have had the honor taking part in it.

Of course, most of them were pretty forgettable, because athletes are usually pretty terrible comedians. But there were exceptions, and some of them were downright fantastic.

Today, in honor of David Letterman‘s final show and the end of an late night television era, we’re going to count down the Top 10 Letterman Top 10s read by athletes.

Yeah, I know, a Top 10 list of Letterman Top 10 lists is pretty meta. Moreover, no other site on the internet has done anything like this. So go ahead, take a minute to wrap your head around the idea before getting started.

Okay, you good? Great. Then let’s start with #10…


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