The Rock Surprises Superfan by Officiating His Wedding. Really. (Video)

the rock surprises superfan by officiating his wedding

The folks over at Screen Junkies know a thing or two about making viral videos. Their “Honest Movie Trailers” have racked up tens of millions of views since they were introduced a few years back.

However, the video they dropped on Thursday tops them all. You see, Screen Junkies correspondent Nick Mundy is a huge fan of Dwayne T.R. Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock. And over the course of several movie junkets, he’s established a fun rapport with the WWE legend-turned-Hollywood superstar. So his bosses at Screen Junkies and his fiancé teamed up to pull an epic prank on him during the junket for The Rock’s upcoming flick, San Andreas.

That prank? Making Mundy think the bit he’d planned with The Rock had fallen through, only to reveal that he would in fact be getting married that day and that The Rock will serve as the officiant.

Seriously. The Rock became a licensed minister in the state of California, he presided over the dude’s wedding, and it was fantastic. Especially the part where The Rock works in a reference to his new movie.

Take a look:

Any woman who’d let The Rock officiate her wedding is definitely a keeper. Congratulations, Nick.

PS, San Andreas hits theaters May 29.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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