Young Blackhawks Fan Dances Like He’s Popped Molly (Video)

blackhawks fan

Don’t say this kid’s not getting into the spirit of things. Aside from his obvious outward enthusiasm, this Blackhawks fan has on a Patrick Kane jersey (possibly backwards) and has a string of beads suggesting that he might have flashed someone at Mardi Gras.

It’s all pretty awesome, and his moves make the whole ensemble work.

Take a look as he lets the music own him and dances like no one’s watching. Even though millions of people are.

The video helps sell it with an added soundtrack, and split screens so we can enjoy several of these kids dancing at one, but this Blackhawks fan doesn’t need such embellishments. His spirit is fascinating enough.

I hope we revisit this guy in 20 years and he’s still dancing, with those beads, maybe wearing a jersey with Patrick Kane’s son’s name on it.

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