15 Highest Paid Coaches by Sport

highest paid coaches by sport

Last week, the Toronto Maple Leafs made history when they signed Mike Babcock away from the Detroit Red Wings. The historic 8-year, $50 million contract doesn’t just make him one of the highest paid coaches in the NHL. It makes him one of the highest paid coaches in sports, period.

Today, in honor of Mike Babcock’s new (sisyphean) gig in Toronto, we’re going to go through and compare what top coaches make in various sports. And we’re not just going to stay in North America. We’re going to go around the world to see the big picture.

Unfortunately, some leagues just don’t disclose this kind of information, which means we have to rely on rumor and speculation in a few cases. But that still gives us ballpark estimates, and ballpark estimates are better than nothing. So come on in and take a look. This list will definitely put the price of good coaching in perspective.




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