Watch NBA Ref Joey Crawford Take a Spill…Again (Video)

joey crawford takes a spill game 4

NBA referee Joey Crawford is either an attention-starved physical comedy genius, or he’s the klutziest official in the history of professional sports.

Normally, of course, you’d never suspect that an official might stumble and fall on purpose during a playoff game. But the flamboyant Joey Crawford has a very long history of stealing the spotlight and making things about him. In fact, even when he trips and falls he does it with panache.

So when Crawford took a spill during Game 4 between the Rockets and Warriors in Houston on Monday, a little part of you just could not help but wonder if he was jealous Steph Curry was getting all the attention.

Take a look:

Seriously, look at that technique. Right before Joey hits the foor, he extends his hands to absorb the blow. Then, upon impact, he twists his torso and rolls to his back, keeps his legs and arms in a locked position, and just rides it out.

The man knows how to take a spill.

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